Meet our new DeskLodge team member!

Jamie Ellis
August 3, 2018
Meet our new DeskLodge team member!

DeskLodge are very excited to introduce you to Sabrina the latest DeskLodge Host to join the Bristol Team.

Sabrina loves her new Audi TT sport, eating and playing pool with her mates!



How has your first month been?

I have really enjoyed my first month working at DeskLodge, everyone is so friendly and helpful. I feel that It has been a challenging couple of weeks taking in all the information but I am really glad that I am working at DeskLodge.

What have you enjoyed the most?

The thing I have enjoyed the most has been getting to know the DeskLodge team and also the DeskLodgers. Everyone has been so helpful and it’s such a fun space to work within.

What were your first impressions of Desklodge?
When I first came into Desklodge I was amazed with how warm the welcome was from the staff.  I was so speechless with how the space has been designed! It feels so cosy to work within and I just love the overall atmosphere of the workspace.

Fave moment so far?

My fave moment so far has to be the Desklodge social because this is where I really got to know the companies that work within DeskLodge and what their companies are all about.

Thanks Sabrina, it’s great to have you here!