March DeskLodger Of The Month 2022

Jamie Ellis
March 1, 2022
March DeskLodger Of The Month 2022

What does Flickto do?

Flickto is a Cardano-powered media project incubator aiming to improve diversity and inclusion in the media industry through innovative funding and voting mechanisms. 

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about the job is that no 2days are the same. The world of cryptocurrency is rapidly changing like the internet in the 90s alongside this media is going through a transformation in the way we consume and develop content. As you can imagine this leads to an exciting and dynamic day to day work life where learning and adapting are the aim of the game. 

How do you stay motivated and productive?

I stay motivated and productive a few different ways; exercising at the gym, spending time with friends and family while constantly reminding myself of the mission and purpose behind our work at Flickto. We want to create a fairer, more equal, and open society through the media, we develop and distribute. 

Where is your favourite place to work at DeskLodge?

My favourite place to work at DeskLodge is the co-working space on level 2 with the diners. The diners feel like a lovely place to spend time and work collaboratively. It is great to say hey to our neighbours and fellow DeskLodgers every day! 

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given in work/business?

Prove yourself through your work and every opportunity is a chance to learn; these two statements hold a lot of value to me. They have enabled me to understand that by being detached to the output of our work and solely focusing on the input, it enables to develop our skillset and value. While looking at every event as a chance to reflect and learn enables you to see the silver lining in any situation. 

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I love reading, martial arts, exercising, nature and having meaningful novel experiences. Ha-ha I also love working in my spare time if that counts. 

Describe DeskLodge in 3 words or fewer.

Positive Adventures Everyday.