Make your coworking space a brighter place

Jamie Ellis
July 24, 2018
Make your coworking space a brighter place

Blog written by: Jessie Doughty (Huggg)


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We all know that a day at the office can be made a thousand times better if you’re surrounded by great co-workers. We’ve all got a ‘work bestie’ or a ‘work wife’, and they’re arguably the people we spend most of our time with through the week.

Just take a look at some of your favorite TV sitcoms; the main crux of why so many of them are so entertaining are because of the relationships between the characters in them. Would The Office really have been so heartwarming without the blossoming romance between Dawn and Tim? Or would Parks and Recreation have been so hilarious if it hadn’t been for the friendships between each and every member of the department? And what about the work-bromance between J.D. and Turk in Scrubs?

We rest our case.

Sharing your working habitat with other businesses is really no different to your regular office. You still build connections with like-minded people - just people from other walks of work. Forming good relationships in the workplace helps to create a positive and motivating environment and can have a huge impact on your day to day life.

Desklodge is brimming with bright, friendly people and it’s a literal hive of creatives, entrepreneurs, and growing businesses. There are so many perks to co-working here - we get free coffee, a clean, inspiring workplace, and not to mention all the other great things going on like massages and yoga.

So, how can you thank them for keeping you sane?

Well, with everyone doing their own thing, and with each business within the building being so different and varied, there isn’t much we can do except ask ‘Anyone fancy a coffee?’, as we pry ourselves away from our laptop screens for a brain-break at the coffee machine.


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But there is another way...

We at huggg have created a platform which allows you to show your appreciation for the people around you, and to make their day when the coffee machine is broken, the toilets are blocked, or your card doesn’t work.

And it’s called huggg.

It’s a platform (or series of apps) which allows you to put a smile on your coworker’s face from the comfort of your very own smartphone/desk. A little something to say ‘thanks for giving me a lift to the office’, ‘you make coming into work ten times easier’, or even ‘I know we’ve sat across the desk from each other for the past six months and only know each others first names, but I think I’m in love with you’... although, perhaps proceed with caution on that one. Might be a bit weird.



It goes without saying that everybody loves a coffee, but when that coffee has been paid for and sent to you by a friend, it becomes that little bit more special.

Coworking in Bristol and want to make the most of huggg?

Download the huggg app and send your work bestie/wife/neighbour/crush a huggg before midnight on 8th July 2018. Once you’ve sent it, share a snap of your sent screen, tagging us @huggg_uk on social and we’ll ping one right back at you.

A tiny amount of time spent on your phone can have a huge impact on someone else’s day.

So, go on

Download the app and #sayitbetterwithhuggg