Is working from home effective for you?

Jamie Ellis
November 12, 2020
Is working from home effective for you?

DeskLodge are here if you need us

So here we are in lockdown 2, and this time things are going to be done differently!

The first bit of good news is that DeskLodge can remain open to every member and membership type, to help all of our DeskLodgers (and any newbies) for whom working from home isn’t a productive and efficient option.

Whether it’s small children running around or noisy housemates, a lack of desk space (or even a desk), bad wifi connections, home distractions like housework and nagging DIY problems, or just pure wellbeing issues like cabin fever and loneliness, DeskLodge is here for you.



In the first lockdown, many businesses and places of work closed, but DeskLodge remained open and accessible for our residents.

Whilst in this first wave many of us felt we were prisoners in our own homes and WFH was the main way to continue working, there were perks like spending more time with the family and enjoying that heatwave, oh, the heatwave, we wish that particular part of lockdown 1 would come back!

The one positive thing we tried to do at DeskLodge (whilst WFH) in the first Lockdown was to share the love, motivation and positivity to all our DeskLodgers. We were all in the same boat and wanted to share our staff experiences and how to cope during the lockdown, whilst boosting positivity through our blogs and social media posts.


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If you do need a little boost or some inspiration there is a list of blogs at the bottom of this post that may help you get through it the second time around!

Luckily, on this occasion, the kids are still in school and DeskLodge is staying open to all members, not just residents, and we can also welcome DeskLodge newbies to help out where WFH isn’t realistically an option.

If our members need a pick me up, they can come and have a chat with one of the DeskLodge Team who are super friendly, and always ready to help, chat and put a smile on your face.

So, what has changed?

Following our slow and considered return of residents and unlimited hotdeskers in July, and happily welcoming back all hotdeskers (new and old) from September, we have learnt how a safe coworking space can continue to progress throughout the pandemic; a pandemic which now seems like a new way of life rather than something that would end soon, as originally hoped after the first wave.

We kinda all know what we are doing this time around, we’ve been here before and fingers crossed this lockdown will be a short one and we can go back to some normality.

Here at DeskLodge we want to see your businesses thrive and as you are probably already aware we have adapted our spaces to be as safe as possible for our DeskLodgers.


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What to do when you arrive at DeskLodge…

On arrival you will be wearing a mask and must check in with our temperature checking machine, once cleared you can use our hand sanitisers and are free to use our spaces, following our one way systems wearing your mask until you are seated.

Our spaces are big, so there is always plenty of room, with safe socially distanced seating options many with PPE screens as an extra safety precaution.

We do ask that you choose your favourite seat and stick to it all day, to keep contamination to a minimum and to make it easier on our staff who are frequently sanitising areas during and after use!

Become a member

If you think DeskLodge could benefit you and are not yet a member please take a look at our membership packages or give us a call for a tour. We are always happy to help and advise you on which option - from day passes to full-time hotdesking to office spaces – would work the best for you (and your team).

Memberships and options

Read our blog posts to find out more information on positivity, WFH, mental health, coworking and productivity.