International Women’s Day at DeskLodge

Jamie Ellis
March 15, 2019
International Women’s Day at DeskLodge

It was inspiring to see many DeskLodgers join us in the Oak Tree space at DeskLodge Old Market to help us celebrate our second annual International Women’s Day event.




This year’s #BalanceforBetter theme, focused on equality, so we decided the best way to interpret that was to invite everyone from our DeskLodge community, including all of our male Desklodgers, to celebrate with us.                    


We shared drinks and conversations on how men are supporting and understanding IWD without judgement whilst celebrating being a woman, encouraging positive chats with fellow DeskLodgers over prosecco, beers and cakes!




DeskLodger and Adventurer Fiona Quinn, joined us and gave an inspiring talk on how she has taken herself right out of her comfort zone and starting adventuring. From paddle boarding to Lands End to John O’Groats to cycling across Europe (with three World Records under her belt) Fiona inspired us all to believe in ourselves, that we can do anything we put our minds to.



The second most amazing thing about Fiona’s adventures and challenges is that she does them alone! A strong, courageous woman facing her fears, conquering her goals and smashing it in life! Amazing!

Fiona told us that she preferred taking on adventures on her own, as there are no restrictions and you don’t have to work to anybody else’s routine but yours. You can never fail because its your challenge so if you want to bring the challenge to an end early you can!



Creating realistic goals for herself, Fiona learns from her mistakes and self-motivates herself to try harder next time, without putting pressure on herself. A very honest and practical view on life that we can all apply to everything we do!

Fiona also run the Adventure Book Club where she helps motivate and encourages others to start their own adventures.

We have so many fantastic women at DeskLodge and Fiona is an inspiration to us all, sharing the positive message that we all got this! You Go Girl!

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