How to recruit and attract new talent in 2021

Jamie Ellis
December 10, 2020
How to recruit and attract new talent in 2021

Will working from home help you attract new talent to your team? Are virtual interviews and meetings predominantly the new way forward for many of us? At DeskLodge we don't believe this is the most effective working solution full time and even part time.

Despite new technologies enabling us to work from anywhere, even in isolation, aren't we all missing the face to face human interaction that was part of our daily lives just 10 months ago??


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This WFH lark was fun for a bit but now, as the government are suggesting that we may have to continue to work from home well into the new year, many of us are thinking, enough is enough.

If you are looking for a new job would you be happy to start working for a new team that you will very likely not meet in person in the foreseeable future?

Imagine its your first day of your new job, you are WFH. You have only ever met the person who interviewed you – virtually - and you are chucked straight into a two hour zoom meeting with a group of people who are possibly your team-mates, the introductions are brief, and you are feeling a little bewildered, to say the least.

How different it would have been if you had all met up together in the same space. Being part of a team and feeling the benefits of spending time with people in person can really inspire ideas and productivity. It also makes you feel included, welcome and part of a team.  


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How amazing would it be to meet your team (and other humans) face to face again in an inspiring and safe coworking space like DeskLodge? We have been here supporting those who need us and will continue to be here, offering the best support and inspiring safe spaces into 2021.

If you are hoping to build your business over the next few months, you may also want to consider whether your future team members are happy to work in isolation, in a home environment or do they work better in a team environment?

Many remote workers are keen to get out of the ‘home office’ especially after lockdown. Plus, it’s always a great feeling of acceptance for a new staff member to meet their new team face to face and really get to know them.

Virtual meetings can help with this but there really is nothing like meeting people in the flesh, especially if you are not that comfortable talking via virtual platforms.

It’s time to really consider whether WFH is helping you to keep your current, well respected team members and if it will help you to recruit future new starters?


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Imagine finding the perfect person for the job, with more skills and experience than you could have imagined, only to lose them at the last hurdle as they admit that for their own reasons whether its physically, mentally or practically, would prefer not to work continuously from home and, inevitably, turn down the opportunity.

Perhaps you could meet them in the middle (or in a coworking space!) as a team, just once a week? Just that one day a week could be all they need to inspire ideas and productivity to produce their best work for your business. It’s worth considering isn’t it?

From large social-distanced allowing meeting spaces to our new flexible office and hotdesking product Hoffice, there are ways you can make this work for your team, even if it is on a part-time and flexible basis.

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