How to get the most out of your DeskLodge

June 14, 2023
How to get the most out of your DeskLodge

DeskLodge is about so much more than a flexible workspace. Yes, guilty, we know we might sound a tad bias, but we think it’s true. It’s about freedom to work the way you want to. It’s about rubbing shoulders with different people doing different jobs. It’s about feeding off the vibrant energy that’s produced in this kind of environment. And, ok, it’s about free coffee, free fruit and free sweeties too. The trick is, making sure you get the most out of what we can offer you. Here are 4 ways to make sure you don’t miss out on anything:

1 Keep things slick on Slack

Joining our Slack channel is great way to keep in the loop about, well, everything. We use it to share all kinds of things, including events, the latest news, the hottest gossip and all the daily updates. It’s all pinged out to all our DeskLodgers, who can join in and share their news and opinions too. In fact, Slack is great tool to use anyway. Whether you use it to communicate with your team in a strictly professional way, or you’ve created a ‘Where should we go for lunch?’ social group, it’s an instant and fun way to stay in touch.

2 ‘Appy every after

Our DeskLodge App is perfect if you want to make the most of your membership on the move. It allows you to book your favourite meeting room, connect with other members, manage your membership and stay up to date with news, socials and member perks. It’s an invaluable tool, so make some room on your mobile for it!

3 Grab a deal

We love a discount here at DeskLodge. More than that, we love passing on discounts to our members. As a DeskLodger you’re entitled to loads of offers and deals. From money off at a cool deli down the road, to discounts for a boutique shop, to savings at the gym, to a couple of days free hotdesking with us... Whatever it might be, we try and keep it local, so everyone’s a winner!

4 Mixing and mingling

It’s fair to say that everyone who spends time at DeskLodge works pretty hard. That’s why we like to throw a social or two every month. It’s a great opportunity to relax, meet co-workers, and do a bit of networking - all over a drink or two and a handful of nibbles. We love seeing workers hang out with people they might not normally meet. It helps to opens minds and spark inspiration.

Yup, there’s so much more going on at DeskLodge than just renting an office or a desk. It’s a warm and inviting community with so much waiting for you. Now get out there and fill your boots!