How to be a good co-worker in a shared space.

Jamie Ellis
March 18, 2022
How to be a good co-worker in a shared space.

How to be a good co-worker in a shared space.

Sharing a work space is brilliant. It’s inspirational and energetic. In fact, you can almost feel the electricity sometimes. All those brains fizzing away, feeding off each other. But it’s not all peaches and cream. Having a few people in one place can be problematic if we’re not careful. As fun as it is, there’s also work to be get done and deadlines to be met – and that’s serious.

So let’s take a look at how you can help maintain the harmony, so all of you can bump along beautifully.

Be nice

Well, you’d think that would be a gimmie. But in the busiest and most stressful of work days, it’s easy to forget a simple ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. And don’t assume your work is more important than anyone’s else’s. Leave the ego at the door.

No fish

A microwaved fish is not your friend. Or anyone’s friend. The smell lingers for millenniums. So keep the fish at home and you’ll keep the peace at work.

Don’t go solo

At DeskLodge we have many social activities. We offer these because they help people who share the same workspace to share the same experiences. Because even though you work for different companies and do a different kind of work, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mix and mingle!

Tidy up

Calling all mucky pups! Spilled a bit of milk? Wipe it up. Dropped a napkin? Pop it in the bin. Tidying up after yourself is a great way of avoiding friction and conflict in a shared workplace.

Be mindful of others

We’re lucky at DeskLodge. We have various working environments to match your working mood. Other places don’t, sobe sure to keep the volume down during calls when other people are trying to work.

Working side-by-side can be amazing. We want to keep it that way. Happy harmony!