How the Hoffice is helping Consortia recruit great people

Jamie Ellis
September 3, 2021
How the Hoffice is helping Consortia recruit great people

Everything has gone topsy-turvy over the last 18 months. Traditional ways of working have gone out the window and now we’re faced with something altogether more fluid and flexible. This new way of working has helped some businesses to thrive. Just look at recruitment giant Consortia (and one of our fave DeskLodge companies).

We grabbed a few minutes with busy-bee Director Nathan, and picked his brains about their new Hoffice set-up – and how it has transformed the way they do business and helped them recruit some awesome new people.




You joined us bang in the middle of Covid times. That must have been tricky?

I think the compliance levels you went to were exceptional and it made everyone feel really safe. It’s been incredible. We’ve worked in lots of different offices and we haven’t found anything that has come close to how seamless the onboarding has been to DeskLodge and how quickly we’ve been made to feel part of the community.

Were you previously working from home?

We did have our teams working from home for a while. They found it incredibly difficult. A lot of them don’t have home working set ups. So, the opportunity to use the Hoffice, which gives us the benefit of a structured office space where we can be together as a team, but also to offer people the opportunity to work from the office when they choose to in a hotdesking environment is fantastic. They can come in and use the hotdesking space and loads of them do. But the ones who are happy working from home can. It’s the best of both worlds.

And we’re utilising the relationship we have with DeskLodge not only to maintain the current levels of staff, but also to use it as one the primary ways of recruiting more people into the business.


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So you’re finding having the Hoffice setup for three days a week just your cup of tea?

It works really well for us. Specifically because we have people working from home two days a week. The fact that as a business we can offer them a better quality of space at the same pricing point as we had before when we were leased is the massive differentiator. We probably couldn’t afford somewhere this good for the number of people we’ve got if it wasn’t for the Hoffice.

Is your team happy to be here?

Happy, I would say, is an understatement. Everyone’s been made to feel welcome and I couldn’t say enough positives about it.


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Thanks Nathan,. It’s brilliant to see that some businesses are smashing it during these tricky times, and even recruiting incredible talent too. Hats off, sir.

The Hoffice, flexi-working, part-time office… Whatever you call it, it’s here to stay. At DeskLodge, we’re all set-up and ready for however you want to work. We’re finding that more and more companies, just like Consortia, are loving the freedom and flexibility we can give them and their team. So why not get in touch, or pop in and say hello. We’ll put the kettle on.

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