How partnering with DeskLodge has helped the City Girl Network to grow in Bristol

Gemma Edwards
March 26, 2024
How partnering with DeskLodge has helped the City Girl Network to grow in Bristol

We’re so delighted to partner up with the City Girl Network. They do a great job supporting, empowering and inspiring women to feel more connected to where they live and work. Find out how what they do changes lives, how we’ve helped their movement, and their plans for 2024. Such a brilliant idea, and such brilliant people!

*What does the City Girl Network do? The mission of the City Girl Network is to help women, non-binary and trans femmes feel more connected to their local communities, grow their confidence, and feel empowered, educated and supported to live their best possible lives. We run events, create content and manage highly-engaged social media communities, with the launch of a tech platform set for 2025. We have also recently launched a unique community called the City GIrl Creatives which is focusing on the current financial, social and environmental situation for women, non-binary and trans femmes working in the creative economy, as well as providing events, training and online networking. We have also run a range of health campaigns around combating loneliness, breast cancer awareness, period poverty and cervical screenings. Our impact to this point has been helping over 125,000 women across 18 UK communities to find friends, business connections, jobs, housemates, travel companions, businesses, campaigns and charities to support, as well as things to do in their local community and beyond. Bristol Girl is our second largest community but also our fastest growing community within the network showing a real need for the opportunity for connection that we offer to women living in the city. 

*What are your plans for the rest of 2024? We are building lots of new products to connect our advertisers to our communities as well as continuing to build those communities with great events, content & support to ensure our members 'belong where they are'. 

*What’s been the best thing about working with DeskLodge? Everyone is so friendly from the second you walk in the door and it's so clear to see how much effort and time goes in to create a collaborative, welcoming environment for remote workers as well as teams. 

*How has DeskLodge supported the City Girl Network’s growth and success? - Desklodge has been instrumental in the success of our 'Bristol Girl Talks' panel events partnering up with the City Girl Network and promoting the great work both of our organisations do. They have created a space for the City Girl Network to really grow in Bristol. 

*How would you recommend DeskLodge to teams and solo workers looking for their next workspace? - The perfect space for all that's needed for a great workspace. Cosy nooks to put your head down and put pen to paper, great spaces for collaboration and teamwork, plus unique creative spaces that are much needed when you are lacking that great idea! 

*Describe YOUR DeskLodge in 3 words? Creative, Cosy & Collaborative!

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