How important is our environment for productivity?

Jamie Ellis
November 19, 2021
How important is our environment for productivity?

Being productive and doing things well isn’t just down to your inner drive to succeed. It’s also about where you work. That’s right, the environment around you can impact your creativity and productivity massively.

Here at DeskLodge we’ve made it our business to create workspaces that spark, stir and stimulate your mind. To match your mood, and to help you feel comfortable right away. Our Founder and CEO, Tom Ball got the idea for DeskLodge after visiting Google’s new office in London. He loved the whole experience, and wondered why innovative environments were only reserved for big, fancy-pants tech companies.


Tom explains: ‘People enjoy being there: they get more done, want and enjoy being there, and are inspired to be more creative and so on. My initial thought was “I want to work here” – but I didn’t want to work for Google. The next idea for me then was: “Why can’t there be a place like this where anyone is welcome?” If you’re an accountant, for example, why do you have to work in a boring magnolia room? Why can’t you be as welcome in stimulating and flexible environments every bit as much as tech people are?”

The whole concept of DeskLodge was born ! With different workspaces to suit every kind of worker, from every kind of sector, of every age. Of course, you’ll find the traditional desk set-up. But you’ll also enjoy open plan working, private offices, oodles of break-out areas, high tables, quiet booths, and loads of themed zones to crank up the creativity to the next level. Fancy brainstorming in a Hobbit Hole? (You won’t find that at Google.)


And Tom’s vision doesn’t end there. “In the future,” he says, “I’d like to see the possibility of walking into a dedicated work space in the middle of your market town or village, where you will also find all your neighbours hard at work. And this workplace of the future wouldn’t be segregated – putting all the tech people in this part of the building and the public sector and health professionals over there etc. Everyone would be sharing the space and co-existing. Working in a cool space that is flexible and geographically democratic was my vision for DeskLodge.”

Wouldn’t that be great? Until then, people seem more than happy with the current DeskLodge offering. It’s somewhere you can go as a lone freelancer or part of a big team, mingling with like-minded people in an inspiring place. It’s a colourful, vibrant and welcoming space, where you knuckle down or hang out, while creating amazing things. Oh yes, and did we mention that there’s unlimited tea and coffee? If you needed an extra carrot, then there you go.

Get in touch now and discover how DeskLodge can energise your creativity and productivity. Or if you’re already a DeskLodge convert, make sure you book your next workspace soon! We can’t wait to welcome you back.