How does your team REALLY feel about WFH?

Jamie Ellis
November 27, 2020
How does your team REALLY feel about WFH?

It’s not all about the money saving aspects of WFH, business is still business but there has to be more to our working lives than never going into work or seeing your teammates in person and those long (often soul destroying- yeah we’ve all been there) virtual Zoom meetings can just do one!

The government is still advising that we ‘work from home’ where possible.

Well, DeskLodge is here and still open for all of those workers who are saying ‘working from home’ is ‘not working’, not effective and bad for their wellbeing and mental health. DeskLodge is here for you!

If you’re a business owner and are choosing to continue WFH for the foreseeable future, both personally and as a team, have you really considered your teams wellbeing, productivity and current working environments?


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A happy & comfortable team is a productive team, it’s true that some of us are happier WFH but for others it just isn’t working. Some people strive for the sociable elements that a working space can offer, to be part of an active community makes them productive and inspired. This is a whole element of work life that can’t be achieved whilst working from home.

Have you given the time to check in on your team lately and are you getting the best from them and still taking your business forward and keeping motivated?

A happy worker helps your business thrive, so check in and work hard to keep the amazing talent you already have. Don’t lose them or risk procrastination over something as simple to change as working together as a team, in person, even if it is for just once a week in a Covid safe workspace.

Sometimes its not just about the skills, the company perks, the money, it’s also about your teams wellbeing and the support you will offer, especially over these unsure times!


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How can Desklodge help?

Our latest product Hoffice is a mix of Hotdesking + Office

You can bring in your team and rent a private office at DeskLodge on a part-time basis, with unlimited hotdesking chucked in too! It could offer the best of both worlds, suiting team members who like to work from both home and an office environment. Find out more about Hoffices here.  



Its food for thought.

Desklodge is here for you, if you need us.


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