How a comfortable work environment can boost productivity

Jamie Ellis
November 20, 2020
How a comfortable work environment can boost productivity

Productivity and comfort is key at DeskLodge

Over the past few months we have been feeling super proud to be able to help DeskLodgers who have needed us. Offering flexible working options and a place to work for those who struggle to work from home, especially during a lockdown situation, has given us those warm, cosy feels!

Whether you are working from home or from one of our unique spaces, we believe you want be as productive and comfortable as possible.

These two elements sit hand in hand, you can’t be productive without being comfortable.

Being comfortable gives you some mind space, to relax and come up with those amazing ideas and achieve those goals. If you are uncomfortable, you will become fidgety, agitated and lose your concentration, you start fussing over the small stuff and forget your goals altogether.

Your chosen deskspace and the environment around you can make all the difference to your work.

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The disadvantages of WFH

As we have said before working from home can have its disadvantages like screaming kids, those nagging DIY distractions and even disrupt our emotional wellbeing with stress, loneliness and a lack of separation between home and work life; those home comforts start to turn into a mental health nightmare!

The physical sides to WFH can also cause suffering and discomfort, with laptops at the wrong angles and a lack of comfortable seating positions, our postures are suffering and our bodies start to ache with uncomfortable joints, back aches and even headaches due to poor lighting or incorrect screen positioning! Also, the removal of the commute to work may be reducing the amount of exercise you are getting which can affect you mentally as well as physically.

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Why cowork at DeskLodge?

One of the main reasons DeskLodge was created was to get people out of their home offices, bringing like-minded people and teams together, either on a drop-in basis or a more permanent timescale. This ethos has really come into its own during the pandemic where even more people are feeling the strains of WFH, with less opportunities to get out of the house due to lockdown requirements.

DeskLodge is a friendly and exclusive space that is open to everyone to be themselves. Our bright, colourful and super comfy environment keeps you inspired and productive whilst looking after your wellbeing, with a chance to get out of the house and meet (socially distanced) people from our wonderful community, facemask to facemask!

Obviously, the comfort doesn’t stop there, we have so many different types of spaces to work from including our stand-up desks (with adjustable heights at DeskLodge House), cushioned booths, regular desks, even sofas and beanbags. Roll how you wanna roll, all we ask is that, under current safety circumstances, you stick to your chosen space for the day.

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WFH Vs DeskLodge

When you compare the DeskLodge way of working to home working, those without a home office set up (that’s quite a large percentage of us) who find ourselves hunched over the kitchen table, balancing a laptop on our laps whilst sat on the bed or fighting for sofa space with the dog; having another place to work from without these distractions seems ideal!

We’ve even heard absurd stories of people leaning on a chest of drawers as a seat with their laptop up on a shelf, as their WFH set up! This is complete madness! How can anyone be seriously asked to work this way?

DeskLodge already knew the downsides to WFH and we are fully equipped (with extra PPE safety measures currently in place) to help out so many WFHers’ who need to get out of the house. You don’t have to sign a contract to hotdesk with us, just sign up, pick up your pass and you’re in!

Give us a trial with our two free days or sign up and perhaps progress on to a more permanent or bigger space if you need it. We love showing newbies about our spaces so book in a tour and see what coworking at DeskLodge is about.

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Whatever you decide we know you will just love our unique, fun and colourful spaces and perhaps it’s the comfy and inspiring home from home you’ve been looking for?

There’s no place like DeskLodge…..