Growing self care in 2023

Emily O'Brien
January 27, 2023
Growing self care in 2023

Hands up who made a New Year Resolution? And keep your hands up if it had to do with better health and wellbeing? Yup, quite a few. Well, we’re afraid it’s time. Time to step up and actually go through with it. New Year, new you! Thankfully, we’re right behind you with a few thoughts of how to make your self-care resolution a reality.

1. Prioritise healthy eating

Whatever the specifics of your resolution, chances are it all starts with eating healthily. Go big on vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and fish. Not only are they packed with all the nutrients you need to function at 100%, but they can reduce all the nasty stuff like heart disease risk, certain cancers, obesity, blood sugar levels and type 2 diabetes.

2. Do something you enjoy every day

Life’s too short not to do the things you love. So take some time out just for you. Like to sketch? Put aside 30 minutes every lunchtime for a few quick studies, or join an art class. Love to noodle on the guitar? Always have one close by so you can pick it up whenever you have a spare moment. The secret is, don’t feel guilty about it. You deserve it.

3. Get moving with regular exercise

It’s harder for ill health to catch you if you keep moving. So make sure you get physical this year if you don’t already. But there’s no need to join an expensive gym. Everything you need to stay active is free! Take the dog out for longer walks, go for a jog, try a spot of online Pilates or yoga… Whatever gets your heart rate up and your body moving is perfect. If you want to splash out on something, how about that new fancy bike? Or season entry to the local leisure centre where you can swim as much as you want?

4. Enjoy the great outdoors

Getting out and about in nature has a whole range of benefits for mind and body. First up, it increases physical activity, which is never a bad thing. And did you know that simply spending time around trees and the colour green can lower your blood pressure and reduce the stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenaline? Also, researchers have found that nature makes us happy, decreasing anxiety, depression and anger. And although there isn’t a lot around in these winter months, Vitamin D from the sun can help fight depression, cancer and osteoporosis.

5. Surround yourself with supportive people

Self-care isn’t always about what you can do for yourself. It’s also about the positivity from the people around you. After all, people can be either ‘radiators’ (who exude good vibes) or people who are ‘drains’ (who suck your energy). Having a network of friends you can trust will push you to achieve, and encourage you in everything you do.