DeskLodgers love coffee!

Jamie Ellis
August 10, 2018
DeskLodgers love coffee!

Coffee. Why is it so popular? Why are there so many coffee shops around the world?

Why do people lose it if there is no coffee? Perhaps they’ve had too much or just maybe, they like it and it helps them to stay productive! Whatever it is DeskLodge makes sure there is plenty of it. Lots of lovely free cups of coffee to help our DeskLodgers, wake up, remain alert and keep at it! It’s a hard slog running a business but coffee is always there when you need it!

Here are some DeskLodge coffee numbers, which may surprise you!

Out of the 300+ DeskLodgers who come to DeskLodge Bristol each day, between them they manage to drink a massive 319 cups of coffee a day, which is 1595 cups of coffee a week, approx 6380 cups a month and a staggering 76,560 cups of lovely coffee per year necked at DeskLodge Bristol! That's a whole lot of beans :)

Stay productive!


   “I have 10, maybe 9 cups              a day, lots!”
“I enjoy the Desklodge coffee, I like expresso! The coffee table chats at DeskLodge are good for networking too!”
 “It gives me a bit of a perk up but i only have one cup                   a day”