DeskLodger Of The Month - Jan - Bristol 1TW

Jamie Ellis
February 4, 2019
DeskLodger Of The Month - Jan - Bristol 1TW

DeskLodger of the Month

  Dan Scott - DeskLodge resident and fixed-desker


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  Meet Dan, the owner and director of The Homebrew Crew Ltd t/a FireFly hair brands and Wizard Brands. Dan likes exercising, Bristol Rovers and a gin and tonic!

What do The Homebrew Crew Ltd and Wizard Brands do?
      Both businesses are suppliers of male grooming, beauty and hairdressing brands to both the UK market and Europe. We sell via B2B and B2C and sell across 7 EU countries. We import from the USA and we are about to launch a huge new brand into the UK and Europe, which is currently selling Thousands of units per month in the USA....Watch this space!!!
      How long have you been coming to DeskLodge?
      I have been coming to DeskLodge for 5 months now.
      What’s your favourite thing about your job?
      The best thing about my job is the fact I can drive the business In the way I see fit and be flexible, as the market changes on a daily basis. I love the freedom of owning my own business and I am proud that both businesses are over doubling each year since I started 3 years ago.
      What is your favourite thing about DeskLodge?
      The hosts and staff! They were the deciding factor in joining because as a business owner you need people around you for the good and bad times. The hosts are always welcoming each day and always are friendly. They make for a great atmosphere. It’s a great place to work, socialise and stay sane whilst growing your business!
      What do you do in your spare time?
      I exercise, watch Bristol Rovers from time to time (for my sins), love eating out and generally being happy. It’s not often I am miserable! Oh! I love a good gin and tonic...... so if anyone is buying, I'm your man!
      What was the first album you bought?
      My first main CD I bought was Definitely Maybe by Oasis, which still remains my favourite band and album to this day. I am a massive Liam Gallagher fan and the 90's scene in general.
      Thanks Dan and good luck with the new brand launch!