DeskLodger of the Month - Bristol - November

Jamie Ellis
November 16, 2018
DeskLodger of the Month - Bristol - November

Liz Ward - a DeskLodge Resident at Blu Wireless
Meet Liz who works for Blu Wireless Technology, they create intelligent wireless communications systems for 5G networks.
Liz likes Yoga, reading and the DeskLodge socials!


Liz Ward DOTM (002).jpg


What is your Job title?
Office Administrator

How long have you been at Blu Wireless / DeskLodge?
9 months

What’s your favourite thing about your job?
Every day is different

What is your favourite thing about DeskLodge?
The socials! They are always fun and it’s great to talk to different people over a few drinks. I like the indoor garden area, it’s always a nice atmosphere!

What do you do in your spare time?
Yoga, reading, and appreciating the existence of dogs

Big night out or Netflix and chill?
Netflix and chill

Thanks Liz  - Have a great November!