DeskLodger of the Month - Bristol

Jamie Ellis
May 11, 2018
DeskLodger of the Month - Bristol

Genesis Self-Fordham from Ecotricity

Meet Genesis, who is a Developer for DeskLodge residents Ecotricity and likes cycling, climbing and watching cult movies.




What do We Ecotricity do?
We are the world's first green energy company with the focus of always doing the right thing. We offer services for the home, business, electric vehicle and so much more. My team is creating brilliant software to make Britain green (and we’re hiring!)

How long have you worked at Ecotricity / DeskLodge?
I started working for Ecotricity 4 months after coming from the states so since September 2017. I think I started at very exciting timing with the company because I have been there since the opening of our Bristol office
What's your favourite thing about your job?
As a developer, seeing the small things transform into complex projects with a larger purpose. I also really love it when I get stuck on something foreign to me. Once I understand it, I start to think about how a task can be transformed inside the project or into outside projects.

What's your favourite thing about DeskLodge?
The Desklodge staff are amazing and I think they do a great job making it have a collaborative and welcoming space. Love the events they host as well.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  
I love long distance cycling and get into a state where my legs are only suppose to pedal in a loop. At some point, it would be great to cycle to other countries. Just got to keep practising when the weather permits.

What's your favourite film?
This is a bit of a funny question for me because I am notorious for falling asleep while watching films. But one I can keep my eyes open for is `The Warriors`. The fashion, the music, and the late 70's NYC grudge vibe is just entertaining.
Thanks Genesis, Good luck with the cycle practise! x