DeskLodger Of The Month – Adam Butler – DeskLodger House

Jamie Ellis
March 5, 2020
DeskLodger Of The Month – Adam Butler – DeskLodger House

Meet Adam, DeskLodge House fixed desker and the CTO at Ordoo, a food and drink delivery mobile app startup. In his spare time Adam runs a tech meet up, likes photography and videography and loves a good burger!


Adam butler- DOTM - House.png

What do Ordoo do? (hehe! That’s fun to say!)

Ordoo are a mobile order ahead and pay startup. We help you save time and earn rewards ordering at your favourite cafes, bars & restaurants.

How long have you been coming to DeskLodge?

Nine months.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

As part of a small team, I work across all aspects of the product both technically (building our App, Backend, Ops and more) and having a big influence on the direction the company takes in the early days.

We also love to work flexibly and have a really healthy work / life balance.

What is your favourite thing about DeskLodge?

The different spaces lend themselves to allowing you to work in a way that suits you on any given day. You can work as a pair in the booths, socialise in the kitchen or when I’m working on something complicated or planning big architecture changes, I often go to the Hobbit Hole to focus in silence.

What do you do in your spare time?

I run the Bristol JS tech meetup, do creative coding, photography/videography (mostly with my drone), riding my trusty electric skateboard and have a massive love for making weird and wonderful hardware hacking projects.

I also love teaching through talks, workshops and code academies and meeting interesting new people. Check out my Grab a coffee link if you’d like to chat sometime.

Where’s your favourite place in Bristol to go for food?

Two stand out, there is an amazing Thai stall on Thursday lunch at Temple Quay Market. Also, I love a good burger…I might have just about had every burger in Bristol, the best probably being the venison burger at Burger Joint in Bedminster. So good!!

Thanks Adam, good luck with those weird and wonderful hardware hacking projects!!