DeskLodger of the Month - 1TW - May

Jamie Ellis
May 31, 2019
DeskLodger of the Month - 1TW - May

Meet Sam Daly, Lead Host at DeskLodge Old Market. Sam has been at DeskLodge for 3 years, likes; finding absurd news stories online, talking and going to the gym.

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What is your role within the company?

I am a Lead Host but I also class myself as the “odds & ends guy”, as I go all the way from admin and spreadsheets to using power drills and fixing bits around the place! I also like to think I hold great (and sometimes completely ridiculous) conversations without a lot of our DeskLodgers here, which I like to think inevitably keeps everyone happy, including myself.

How long have you been coming to Desklodge?

I have been coming to DeskLodge far too long.. just kidding. I have worked here for coming up to nearly 3 glorious years and I’m still enticed by what is to come next! It’s the people in DeskLodge that I see every day and my team that keeps me put, and so far it’s the most positive place I have ever worked.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

I love that my job is so eclectic. One moment I can be hidden in my little cave staring deep into spreadsheets and figures but then within moments I can be up on my feet doing more physical tasks - and of course my favourite job… ordering the sweets.

What is your favourite thing about DeskLodge?

The people, 100%. Don’t get me wrong, the environment and décor is amazing as we all know and it’s a big reason why we all are here BUT it’s not as easy to find as many great people all in one space.

What do you do in your spare time?

I find I go from hobby to hobby, indulging into things and giving it my all (usually spending lots of money on whatever it may be), but usually for short bursts of time and then find something new and exciting! Blame the internet folks! At the moment, what has really stuck for me is going to the gym as much as possible and watching my health/diet – again, maybe blame the internet!

What would your perfect holiday be?

A permanent one.