DeskLodger of the Month - February 2024

Gemma Edwards
January 24, 2024
DeskLodger of the Month - February 2024

It's time to meet Stuart from VyperCore. They moved into DeskLodge Beacon Tower towards the end of 2023 when it opened and have already become an important part of the community. We asked Stuart a few questions to get to know him better:

What do you do at VyperCore ? 

I’m the head of verification. Myself and my team ensures our computer chip design works as it should. It’s difficult to describe my job in an exciting way, but I enjoy it. 


What are your plans for the rest of 2024? 

Caving, both with and without my kids. Probably not with my dog!


What’s been the best thing about working from DeskLodge?

The #pets channel on slack! 😉

Also the awesome staff, amazing rooms, friendly people and the pick’n’mix on a Friday. 


Describe YOUR DeskLodge in 3words?

 Friendly, Fun and Whimsical