DeskLodge Summer Social Recap - 2022

Emily O'Brien
November 7, 2022
DeskLodge Summer Social Recap - 2022

Are you missing summer? We know we are! So, we thought, why not have a little recap of our Summer Social, an event that brought our DeskLodge community (and their families) together for a day of summer fun.

Organizing the End of Summer Social took about 3 months in total, and it was great fun to plan. Even though some of the vendors we wanted were unavailable by the time we finalised our date, it all worked out in the end. We wanted to be sure we picked a Saturday when the whole DeskLodge Team could be around to join the fun(which proved quite tricky!) but we ended up with a lovely sunny Saturday in September which was great for our outdoor activities!

We hired in some funfair stalls - tin can alley, hook a duck, and hoopla! These were all free to play and came with prizes for the kids (and adults). We also set up giant versions of chess, Jenga, dominoes, playing cards and connect 6. Additionally, we had lots of fun regular-sized outdoor games available to play. Whilst that happened, the fab M&A Acoustic Duo kept the party going with great tunes in the background, which everyone enjoyed whilst lounging on our deckchairs.

The Burger Bus came along, and they brought some delicious burgers and chip options that catered to everyone. We also had an outdoor bar that had cider and beer on tap, plus cans of soft drinks, spirits, and wine. DeskLodgers who had booked their tickets in advance had also been given some drinks tokens to use at the bar on the day.

We received such lovely feedback which made all the planning worth it. Everyone really enjoyed showing DeskLodge to their families and the kids especially were spellbound! They loved playing the games and meeting the many dogs that people brought along too. One DeskLodger even said that his son was jealous of his cool workplace - future DeskLodgers in the making!

All in all, our Summer Social was a great success! We can’t wait for the next summer social next year, but for now we still have two socials every month at DeskLodge House so you can still get your fix of DeskLodge fun.