DeskLodge - Some of the amazing people behind our spaces

Jamie Ellis
May 10, 2017
DeskLodge - Some of the amazing people behind our spaces


At DeskLodge we are always being asked who are our Interior designers, where do the crazy idea's come from and would they be available to create an amazing office space for me? Well, the hidden treasures behind the DeskLodge creative spaces are our lovely builders, with DeskLodge founder Tom Ball’s creative brains and a penchant for the unusual mixed with the wonderfully creative head of the team Paul and the highly skilled, hard working and very cheeky Martin and Taylor in the mix, it’s a melting pot of fun-filled creativity!

Who else could create an indoor Garden complete with Grumpy's shed, a Lego booth with disco lights, a Tardis that's secretly a coding room, Punch and Judy one person pods, phone booths disguised as toilets and an events space with an enormous Oak tree in the middle of it?

This is a big thank you to our wonderful and creative team who have helped shape DeskLodge into what it is today, a colourful, living space mixing contemporary cool with vintage oddities, in a childlike home from home environment that people are inspired to covet!


The creative process

Tom Ball finds an unusual item at a theatre prop sale or a car boot

Tom shows it to Paul, who gets very excited and enthusiastic and between them, they visualise the new item in one of our spaces!

Paul creates the basic design and decides how it will work in the space, which could be for a massive open plan space or a small telephone pod, it makes no difference to Paul

Tom loves it and gets more props, as does Paul

Paul alongside Martin and Taylor get to work using all their skills from carpentry, painting, drawing, lighting, these guys do everything.

Who needs interior designers when you can get a DeskLodger to do it?  A little imagination is all you need!