DeskLodge Socials - There ain't no party like a DeskLodge party!

Jamie Ellis
November 13, 2017
DeskLodge Socials - There ain't no party like a DeskLodge party!

Once a month DeskLodge Bristol holds a social event for all of our coworkers and residents. It’s a chance to network, let your hair down and to meet new and different people from outside your usual work/friendship groups.

We want to treat our lovely DeskLodgers and make everyone feel comfortable, happy and part of a team even though we are all from different companies and areas of business.

There is no hierarchy and with ageless boundaries, the DeskLodge socials are something to look forward to and a topic of conversation in the break out areas on our usual working days. Most importantly you can make new friends, network and have a good time.

Whether it’s just a trip to the pub, a games night, drinks in our indoor garden or a full-on pub crawl party, DeskLodge has it covered.

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“I think they are always very fun, it’s good to meet new people and I like that, I just love them! You get free drinks and the themes are a great idea, like the quiz night, the Halloween, and Hawaiian night, it makes it more interesting and loads of new people have started coming lately, so I’ve met loads of cool people. The socials are really funny I’d never want to miss one! I love the massive dressing up box in the Oak Tree and the Games night was hilarious and for charity, which was a great idea. It’s the people around you that make it, I met my best friend at the DeskLodge social! You get to know your coworkers on a friendly basis, you can get on with them better because you have already socialised with them and now have things in common. Without the socials I wouldn’t have spoken to some of them, it’s a bit of networking, It’s interesting”. Beth Doherty, Fixed Desker, Media Street.

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“Desklodge socials are the perfect opportunity to meet amazing people. The socials are well organised by Jamie, Sam, Thanh & Emma. It’s a pleasure having them around, they know how to organise a successful get together. I think socials are great for co-working spaces because it is the opportunity we have to get to know the people that work around us every day”.  Claudia Loch. Hotdesker. Claudia Loch, Hotdesker,

“Oh, love them, it’s a great way to get to know your fellow DeskLodgers, it’s near your desk, you don’t have to go far! There are so many themes which help different personality’s shine through on different occasions. In many ways, it’s our like the other coworkers are our default team, it’s like a team bonding exercise, with no team away days and bonding exercises. The people I sit with on my fixed desk bank are more my team then people from my actual company. The socials make people more laid back and you find yourself networking your business without realising it as it’s on a more personal level. You find out about people’s interests and family life and create a bond that is deeper than just work”. Sarah Jane Freni,  Fixed Desker

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See you at the next one!