DeskLodge - Social networks & why we love them!

Jamie Ellis
July 14, 2017
DeskLodge - Social networks & why we love them!

In the past six months, DeskLodge has been working on our social media platforms to engage, promote and network with the world. We advertise events, share DeskLodge and DeskLodgers news and successes, showcase our fun spaces to entice new DeskLodgers to join us and generally tell everyone what a great place DeskLodge is. DeskLodge can help you and your business to network and expand in a friendly, collaborative and inspiring environment with brilliant people!

Please check out our social media platforms, follow, share and like and if we aren’t doing the same for you already then we soon will! Let’s connect and share the DeskLodge love!


Our Instagram gallery is full of fun and colourful images from different events, people and spaces in DeskLodge. Showing off our unique and inspiring spaces and the variety of interesting people and companies who work with and visit us. There is no better way to show off DeskLodges creative spaces without Instagram! Follow us and tag yourselves and don’t forget to take your own Insta pics whilst you are here!



Everything that happens at DeskLodge gets added to our Facebook page, even the other social media platforms get added to it, just in case you missed them! Follow us and keep up with the DeskLodge news!        


Our Twitter page is the most popular of all our social media platforms. It is the most interactive platform where DeskLodgers and visitors can share their DeskLodge experiences and we can share everything from links to events to daily updates, in quick, informative little tweets.


The DeskLodge Bristol blog launched in March this year as part of the website. Here you will find honest articles written by us at DeskLodge with our lovely members input, there is no copy and pasting articles here! The blog will keep you up to date with DeskLodge news with info fuelled articles that give you more scope into the DeskLodge world than Facebook and Twitter can. Do you have a story for the DeskLodge blog? Get in touch!               


DeskLodge Slack chat brings all Desklodgers together in one place even if you are out of the country. You can check in and share messages and find out what’s happening at DeskLodge at the moment. If you are a DeskLodger and you are not on our Slack chat then get in touch, get involved and join our community.       

See you again soon - The DeskLodge Team :)