DeskLodge - Growing & why it works

Jamie Ellis
July 10, 2017
DeskLodge - Growing & why it works

DeskLodge is expanding. With two co-working spaces up and running in Bristol and Hemel Hempstead and a third space about to launch in Basingstoke, DeskLodge is aiming to take over the co-working world, one workspace at a time!

The DeskLodge vision is to make co-working spaces the future of working, a space to network and encourage productivity through quirky spaces, conveniently located for commuters and locals, whether you are a start-up or an established company, DeskLodge aims to be part of the future of working in the UK.

At DeskLodge we encourage sustainability and enjoy upcycling old tired office spaces into creative, fun spaces to work. No new builds for us, we like to make use of spaces already available. We also have many environmentally friendly businesses and meet ups within DeskLodge promoting sustainability for the future!

When you start to build it doesn’t always work out the way you originally thought it would, you have to be ready to adapt and change. People are not always happy with change or the idea of not knowing exactly what is we are going to build until we build it. We love to experiment with space and ideas at DeskLodge!

We have come to the conclusion that the reception is the hub of the activity, it’s the beating heart, the hubbub of being a part of DeskLodge.  We have found it works great next to a kitchen area where you can meet, greet and chat with colleagues and network whilst you get your morning cup of coffee. At DeskLodge we have hosts not receptionists, the idea of having one person sat on the reception seems alien to us and not a productive use of time. We want the person working on reception to be involved with everything, we borrow from hospitality, restaurants, bars it’s not just an office, we want people to feel at home including our own staff.

We want to make our spaces a fun place to work too we even look at kids play areas, they have different activities in different areas to stimulate and inspire, we do this for young children so why not for ourselves?

Watch this space!