DeskLodge Expert Series - Why being a B Corp is important to TrueStart Coffee

Gemma Edwards
June 28, 2024
DeskLodge Expert Series - Why being a B Corp is important to TrueStart Coffee

Written by India Rawlin, Brand Manager of TrueStart Coffee.

Why does the B Corp certification work for us?

We’re TrueStart Coffee, an independent family business from Bristol and we’ve been a certified B Corp since November 2021. We are on a mission to make people feel happier & healthier without compromising on people and planet.

We are a proud supplier of DeskLodge, energising their offices with our coffee across the city and creating a true partnership with them. Whether it’s turning up with a full B Corp Breakfast spread for their members or making TrueStartini’s for all of their event guests - we love working with the team whenever we can!

For us, this certification has been invaluable, whether it’s the partnerships, the differentiation in commercial conversations or just simply showing our customers that we are committed to that mission.

We get that every business is different but let’s dive into why it’s worked so well for us, step by step.

1. Building Trust and Credibility

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the ethical implications of their purchases, especially with a product like coffee. They tend to prefer to support businesses that align with their core values, like sustainability. By becoming a B Corp, you demonstrate a commitment to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. So it assures your customers that you’ve been rigorously assessed and will be open with them across the business. In turn, these customers are increasingly loyal and want to be champions of the brand.

2. Aligning with our Core Values

One of our core values is simply “Do the right thing”, even when nobody's watching. The B Corp certification perfectly aligns with that value, whether that’s through the paper we choose for our handwritten notes or the supplier we work with or the second-hand uniform we wear or the charities we give to. It provides a framework for measuring and improving our impact on the community and the environment, helping us stay true & close to that pledge.

3. Differentiation in a traditional & crowded market

The coffee market is highly competitive, with numerous brands vying for consumer attention. Yet, most of these brands are megacorps who are not B Corp certified. When we go into a commercial conversation, the accreditation sets us apart by highlighting our dedication to ethical practices. Not only does it make conversations with buyers & customers easier, it also attracts customers who prioritise sustainability and corporate responsibility and end up being long term business partners who want to grow together in the right way.

4. Attracting and retaining talent

Employees are looking for more than just a paycheck now. People want to work for companies that make a positive impact and this is found to be especially so in Bristol, it’s got the highest number of B Corps in one city outside of London, which just emphasises the demand for purposeful business in the city. The B Corp certification signals to potential employees that your business is committed to making a difference which in turn helps us attract passionate, dedicated individuals who are eager to make a difference in the world. In turn, this desire for sustainable growth improves retention by fostering a sense of purpose and pride in our team.

5. Community engagement and support

Being a B Corp means being part of a global community of like-minded businesses that are committed to using business as a force for good, but this community is localised too. We have created long term partnerships with a handful of incredible local B Corps, such as Marshfield Farm, red Equipment and Hunter & Gather. This community offers support, incredible collaboration opportunities, and shared resources. It’s a priceless network that provides guidance and helps each other thrive.

6. Positive environmental impact

At the root of becoming a B Corp is your stewardship of the planet. Coffee production has significant environmental implications and this accreditation makes you double check everything in your supply chain to ensure only the most sustainable practices are in place. For example, when we certified we saved over 2.2 tonnes of CO2 and safeguarded local jobs by moving our drinks production to the South West. Seemingly small changes like this are so important in the analysis stage of certifying and make a massive difference to the way you do business. 

7. Long-term resilience

Finally, businesses that prioritise sustainability and ethical practices are often more resilient in the long term, and when you’re in the coffee business, resilience is key. We personally feel better equipped to navigate challenges and adapt to changing market conditions as the standards evolve with the surrounding socio-economic environment. It’s allowed us to think ahead and solidify our vision for long-term success, ensuring that we will continue to thrive for generations to come.

So in essence, being a B Corp really works for us as a customer facing, product based business. It’s all about progress, not perfection and that is something we truly believe in, learning together with our customers whilst being guided by extremely high standards to be held accountable to. 

It’s a commitment to a better way of doing business, putting purpose with profit, which people often forget to do and see the two as opposing forces in business. 

We are excited to grow in this community and can’t wait for you to join the rocketship!

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