DeskLodge Expert Series - How Coaching can help your Business Grow and Succeed

Gemma Edwards
June 10, 2024
DeskLodge Expert Series - How Coaching can help your Business Grow and Succeed

Feeling stuck is never fun! 

The sense that you (or your team) are not matching up to your potential is not fun either.

I run a process with my clients, both team and 1-2-1 clients, that gets them into a good place again. 

Common feedback I hear during and post-coaching sessions:

*I’m feeling more confident

*I’m performing better and so are those around me

*I’m sleeping better

*I’m feeling more at peace with my life

*My relationships are feeling better both at home and in work

*I’m having an easier time making decisions

*Life is flowing 

*I am feeling more supported and less isolated

*Yesterday's presentation went really well

*The team are on fire

*I have a better sense of who I am, what I am good at and what I enjoy

*I’m delegating more

*Now I understand why [my colleague] behaves that way

*My life is more in balance

*He wasn’t working out so I had to let him go

*I’ve got more tools and options for dealing with the things I find hard

*I’m enjoying a greater sense of freedom, life feels fun again

*I’m less frustrated or angry

*I’m much more conscious and choiceful, I’m less reactive

*I’ve more space in my calendar and in my head

*Our internal meetings are so much better

*I wake feeling enthusiastic about the day and I go asleep feeling content

*I’ve never felt so challenged or stretched before but I know I can do it, it’s not too much for me

*I know that the team has my back

*People are asking for help

*I’m waking up to my own potential

In addition to the above when I work with teams I hear:

*We are no longer pulling in different directions

*We are more able to see eye-to-eye and hear each other

*Despite the continued uncertainty, we have a greater sense of direction

*We are better able to cope and respond to the changing priorities

*There’s less conflict and when it does arise we have better tools to work through it together

*We are now able to speak openly and honestly about challenges that we are facing either individually or as a team

*There’s just more cohesion

*Communications are improving

*For the first time, I feel seen and valued in this team

*There’s a greater sense of respect for each other

*Meetings not only feel productive they can be light-hearted and enjoyable too

*We are delivering the best work of our lives together, it feels amazing

If you want to find out more or test me out and see just how compatible we are. And, how useful I am in helping you (or your team) achieve the success that you’re after… then book a trial session and we’ll take it from there. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Oh, and, if you’re wondering what to take to coaching it can be anything from a vague sense of dissatisfaction or stuckness to a very specific goal of improving your ability to lead your team, reduce conflict, recruit your replacement or map out a 5-year plan. 

Every session will deepen your understanding of who you are and why you get stuck. Every session will usually craft or re-craft your strategy. And, in every session, you’ll emerge with compelling actions that will help you succeed, these actions are unlikely to be what you think otherwise what would be the point in paying a coach?

People talk a lot about accountability and sure that’s baked in but really it’s about you becoming more of who you actually are and less of what you’re not. What you are is a beautiful human being with boundless potential.

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James often works from DeskLodge House on a Wednesday. If you want to be part of a community with this sort of business support, book in your tour today.