DeskLodge does Yoga

Jamie Ellis
January 28, 2018
DeskLodge does Yoga

Here at DeskLodge Bristol, we run weekly Yoga classes for our DeskLodgers. Every member from residents to hotdeskers are welcome to attend, tune in and relax.

The DeskLodge yoga classes take place every Wednesday lunchtime in our multi-functional Oak Tree space, with the lights dimmed and the atmospheric waterfall imagery, it’s the perfect ambience to chill and relax.

The classes aim to address the aches, pains, stresses and strains of busy life.

We spoke to DeskLodger and our Yoga teacher Jasmine de Savigny, about how yoga benefits a coworking space and how it can increase productivity. Jasmine is also the who is the Founder of


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How does the Oak tree space work for the Yoga classes at DeskLodge?

“It’s great. Loads of space and the mood changing lights really help to create a calm atmosphere”.

What do you think of coworking spaces?

“I love it. There is a buzz in the air and I always feel a bounce in my step!”

Yoga helps you to keep fit and de-stress but can you tell us how yoga helps increase productivity?

“Yoga is a proven immune system booster, and in general physically healthy people are less likely to be easily “run down” by common colds and flu. Yoga is also known to reduce stress. Happy and healthy staff with fewer physical or emotional stresses are more likely to be highly motivated and driven to achieve, and with reduced stress levels comes the ability to focus and maintain a clear and productive mindset”.

How have the classes gone with our DeskLodgers?

“They have been a great success. I have welcomed a lot of students that were brand new to Yoga which is always great to see”.


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