January 29, 2020

DeskLodge company Vlog - Sally Ainsworth - Neighbourly

DeskLodge Company Vlog - Sally Ainsworth - Neighbourly


Welcome to the first of our DeskLodge Company Profile vlogs for 2020!

Meet Sally Ainsworth from Neighbourly, one of the amazing businesses that work from DeskLodge House in Bristol.                                      

Find out why Neighbourly choose to work from DeskLodge, how they use our spaces and what keeps them productive in our Company Profile vid!

If you are a DeskLodger and would like to get your business featured in our Customer Profile Vlog series, please speak to emma@desklodge.com and get involved!

I love to help and support people and businesses to achieve their goals, and thrive in an environment that involves problem-solving, working collaboratively, and improving processes and business efficiency.

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