DeskLodge Company Profile - Blu Wireless

Jamie Ellis
February 11, 2019
DeskLodge Company Profile - Blu Wireless

Here at DeskLodge we have really enjoyed chatting with our DeskLodger Of The Months and finding out new things about them. The DeskLodgers themselves also love to share things about their projects and businesses plus what they get up to outside of work, whilst giving their business a platform to promote their business.

With this in mind we wanted to shine a spotlight on why a company would choose a coworking space as a base for their business and how coworking works for them.

Our first DeskLodge company profile features our long term residents at DeskLodge Old Market and 5G wizards Blu Wireless who share their experiences as a growing company who have been able to organically expand within our space.

How long have you been at DeskLodge?

The Blu Wireless team have been at DeskLodge for three years now. They saved us when we were outgrowing The Engine Shed and had nowhere else to go. We originally planned to stay for only three months, with only 35 staff members back then, but we have now grown into the biggest company within DeskLodge. Currently we have 81 people and counting, and we continue to look for new talent.

Why did you choose DeskLodge and a coworking environment?

It was an easy decision to stay with DeskLodge when the CEO came to us with a proposal – he wanted to take on the 4th floor and suggested we could have a bespokeoffice, designed just as we wanted it - hard to resist really! The DeskLodge host team also serves as an extension to our team. It’s a great way to network, too.

How does it work for you and are there any successes?

It works for us and our commuting employees as DeskLodge’s location is right at the heart of Bristol, only a ten-minute walk from Temple Meads station. The breakout spaces and different booths serve as an extension to our offices and give us more freedom from our desks and prove to be excellent for meetings. DeskLodge have kindly let us expand our offices as our team continues to grow.

Henry Nurser  - CEO at Blu Wireless

“Since being at DeskLodge, Blu Wireless has grown and developed into a market leading, highly-skilled team. A workplace that most definitely influences work quality, DeskLodge has provided an excellent environment to encourage team building and nourish our talent so we can continue to achieve our goals.”


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Thanks to Blu Wireless for letting us shine the spotlight on them and we wish them all the best as they continue there journey.