DeskLodge Bristol hosts Sofar Sounds secret gigs!

Jamie Ellis
June 10, 2018
DeskLodge Bristol hosts Sofar Sounds secret gigs!

Something very exciting happened at the May DeskLodge social when we were joined by the secret gigs heroes Sofar Sounds and three live music acts including Canadian singer songwriter Ursidae, BBC Introducing’s Aaron Douglas and Liverpool based duo Deliah.

The mystery behind what was going to happen at this DeskLodge Social Special had baffled many DeskLodgers, who, as the nature of a secret gig, we couldn’t tell exactly what was going to happen! Sofar Sounds event was well received!

Sofa sounds made themselves at home in the oak tree space and dressed the stage (thanks to their videographer) using props and plants found around our space to create the most homely and welcoming dressed stage ever!


First up was Ursidae, a laid-back Canadian who writes sad songs for relatively happy people! Ursidae performed a surprising cover of Mariah Carey’s Heartbreaker and chatted to us about how she has never been asked if she was ‘Alright?’ so much since being in Bristol! ‘Alright me babber?’

Next up was Aaron Douglas, a charismatic singer-songwriter who had toned his rock vibes down to a more folky sound for the Sofar Sounds semi-acoustic set, claiming this song really sounds like a Foo Fighters song whilst working his way through many regional accents in between sets through several different accents, a habit that is both humorous and endearing.

The final performance came from Deliah, this super sweet duo played an full acoustic set without a microphone or an amp in sight, belting out harmonies and stories about friends, whilst telling us how they had missed the acoustic side of performing, well they certainly got a chance to play a beautifully raw set as a finale to the Sofar Sounds evening.

The vibe was chilled with all attendees from the Sofar Sounds followers mixed with DeskLodgers, lounged on the floor, enjoying the music and drinking a glass of wine or a beer or two. This had to be one of the most chilled DeskLodge socials ever and a welcome change.

Thanks to Sofar sounds for choosing DeskLodge as one of your amazing spaces!