DeskLodge Basingstoke - A small slice of the story so far

Jamie Ellis
October 8, 2018
DeskLodge Basingstoke - A small slice of the story so far

The story so far in Basingstoke…..

DeskLodge has been here in Basingstoke for around 18 months! As always we had an initial plan for our build, and then have continued to build and add more to our creative workspace.

Set along a silicon suburb coming out of London, Basingstoke is regularly coming up top in quality of life rankings, has a lively tech scene and an emerging start-up community.  Basingstoke punches well above its weight in Tech Nation’s Report 2018 ranking 4th in the UK for digital density and 5th for digital productivity (£256,000 per year per employee in tech)– oh yes well above Reading, Southampton and many others!  

Desk Lodge 007.jpg
Desk Lodge 127.jpg
Desk Lodge 064.jpg

We are so proud of all of the lovely businesses, freelancers and drop in members that have used our space since we’ve been here - making DeskLodge BSK an exciting and productive environment to be in.

This year has seen many fun events including the fun filled Secret Art Basingstoke, to regular meet ups from 5G to our weekly Yoga sessions with Yogana Flow, you are all the pulse of DeskLodge BSK and we look forward to another exciting year of bringing fun coworking spaces and networking events to Basingstoke!

Before and after

We would like to share a few before and after images of the DeskLodge Basingstoke space to show you just how far we have come and how we create our amazing spaces! And there’s more to come.

Desk Lodge 097.jpg
Desk Lodge 053.jpg