DeskLodge - An alternative way of working

Jamie Ellis
September 25, 2020
DeskLodge - An alternative way of working

Here at DeskLodge, we thought it would be a good idea to reach out and keep you updated with our plans following the recent covid-19 announcements in the UK.  

We are happy to confirm that DeskLodge IS still open for all members and for anyone who needs a space to work.

During these ever-changing times, DeskLodge have learnt to adapt and evolve with an aim to keep our amazing spaces open for everyone who needs them for as long as possible.


desklodge house hotdesking.jpg


We have had to re-think our approach by creating safer environments and to offer support and a place to work, especially to the people who really are struggling to work from home. Please read on for information on this below.  

It has been so great having members back in our spaces each day, following the safety measures we have in place. DeskLodge are continuing to staff our spaces as usual PLUS the coffee machines will all be on! Our Team are here to support and welcome you all.

Our meeting rooms (all 20 of them) are also still available to book with, understandably, some amendments to capacity to meet social distancing requirements.



To keep our DeskLodgers safety to a maximum, we have now installed temperature checking machines at both Bristol sites. Each member will be checked before entering our spaces with any readings that are too high being denied entry to keep our attending DeskLodgers safe.

All DeskLodgers with high readings can return when their readings have returned to normal or they have sought a medical opinion.


An alternative to home working    

Now that we have all been requested to work from home again, despite the back to work campaign (no wonder everyone is so confused), many people are now considering using a coworking space as an alternative to WFH.

Since July our spaces have been open to residents, followed by hotdeskers and newbies in August and we are more than equipped with our regularly updated safety measures to offer a super safe space to work in.



For many of us working from home is doable but not the most practical option. We are not all lucky enough to have a home office and the idea of working from the sofa, possibly for the next six months, is filling us with dread!

DeskLodge offers that home from home feel without the distractions, in a spacious environment, where you can become super productive and still get the super fast wifi, coffee and the opportunity speak to other DeskLodgers (if you choose to) thrown in.

Plus, you get to leave the house and get some fresh air and exercise whilst combating loneliness and boosting your wellbeing to the max.



With the option to rock up to the (coworking) office whatever time you like (Well, between the hours of 8:30am-6pm Monday to Friday) taking the pressures off that commute.

Maybe, if you really find that coworking is for you, becoming a resident and popping into the office at any time of day, night or weekends maybe something to consider……



To start with perhaps, take advantage of our Two Free Days hotdesking trial to see if coworking could work for you, without having to pay out?

However you choose to work under the new restrictions, please know that DeskLodge are here to help, offering a flexible and affordable alternative to home working.

Please find out more about our current hotdesking, office, Hoffice and full-time packages here.