DeskLodge – A better way of working - Part 2

Jamie Ellis
March 30, 2017
DeskLodge – A better way of working - Part 2

Here is part 2 of our mini-series of reasons why working at DeskLodge can improve your work life and productivity. Part two talks about becoming productive!

At Desklodge Bristol you are welcome to move about our two floors as you work. Whether you are a hotdesker, a fixed desker or a resident, a change of scenery can do you good and inspire you to stay productive. Or a simple conversation with a co-worker could give you the motivation to go back to your work focused, and raring to go. You don’t have to be chained to your desk to be productive!

We have designed a productive workspace for you to enjoy and produce magical work from. Working in our fun, creative spaces and places will inspire you to become more productive. One example is our Dr Who inspired Tardis, code name The Library.  It’s fun, It’s quiet, with calm lighting and a relaxed ambience (have you tried the massage chair???).  So, if you want to get your head down or escape from the buzz, we have that covered!

Have you ever been in a coffee shop, endlessly waiting for the wifi to kick in? You will never have that issue at Desklodge with our super-fast 1GB fibre internet, it’s perfect for fast and effective working and did we mention it’s free and included with any membership here.


Why not hang out in our break out spaces and meet and bounce off ideas with fellow DeskLodgers and after a gert lush cup of coffee (from our bean to cup machine), you are ready and fueled to tackle the work load and challenges of the day!

DeskLodge takes the pressures away from a normal working environment. The DeskLodge staff are on hand to make sure your day runs smoothly, in this very friendly and home from home environment. All you have to do is rock up, get comfortable and stay productive……all we ask is that you pop your cup into the dishwasher when your done!

Love the DL team