DeskLodge - A better way of working

Jamie Ellis
April 26, 2017
DeskLodge - A better way of working

Networking and collaborating at DeskLodge

A bonus of working at DeskLodge is that you don’t end up sitting next to the same old faces day in day out. You choose where you sit and work from each day and can move to suit your mood. With 2 floors of awesome workspaces to choose from and the bonus that there are lots of other like-minded people, you can meet someone new every day.

The fun doesn’t end there! You can join us for our DeskLodge social events, chat with other DeskLodgers on slack chat and get to know the different people and companies that co-work at DeskLodge with you.

Many DeskLodgers have collaborated together and supported each other on different projects, joined each other at events as well as made new friends and business buddies.

New faces and places inspire us to be more productive, they help you look at things in a different way and help influence and create new projects and ideas. Don’t be reserved, join in and speak to your fellow DeskLodgers, it’s not just a job it’s a lifestyle.

It’s been amazing for us to embrace, meet and watch so many awesome people and businesses come into our space, and see them grow, engage and interact to help make DeskLodge a truly thriving and living community and work space.

So, whether you’re in the kitchen grabbing a coffee and meet someone new, or teaming up to complete a goal there is always a fellow DeskLodger around happy to help or get involved