Coworking - The Future Of Working

Jamie Ellis
September 1, 2017
Coworking - The Future Of Working

Part 2 - Looking at how a coworking environment can benefit your work productivity and inspire you!

At Desklodge we have created with love, a space that is fun and unusual with elements of surprise at every corner, providing companies and freelancers with a vibrant home to work from and run their business. You get the chance to work in different areas with people and environments that inspire you, which is much more productive than staring at the same four walls all day....every day.



We have our Oak Tree event space with a large tree in the middle, themed offices including China Town and the Sweet Shop, The Surf shack meeting space and we even have a Tardis….complete with a massage chair. Some of our inspiration comes from children’s play spaces which have different areas to engage children and bring out their creativity and imagination so why not do the same for adults!

At DeskLodge we encourage sustainability and technology with the companies that join our teams through to up cycling old tired office spaces into creative, fun spaces to work. No new builds for us, we like to make use of spaces already available.

DeskLodge Bristol - 191 - 2404 ┬®

The reception is the hub of the activity, it’s the beating heart of DeskLodge. At DeskLodge we have Hosts not receptionists, the idea of having one person sat on the reception seems alien to us and not a productive use of time. We want the person working on reception to be involved with everything, we borrow from hospitality, restaurants, and bars it’s not just an office, we want people to feel at home including our own staff.

Each Desklodge is wonderfully different but with the same ethos and vision behind it. We create a warm welcome from our hosts, Themed & fun work spaces, meeting rooms, booths & phone booths, great break out & quiet spots, excellent kitchen facilities with a relaxed & friendly vibe and a chance to meet like-minded people.

We hope to see you in a DeskLodge soon!

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