Coworking - The Future Of Working

Jamie Ellis
August 25, 2017
Coworking - The Future Of Working

A two part blog post about how coworking can work for you.

The DeskLodge vision is to make coworking spaces the future of working, a space to network and encourage productivity through interesting spaces, conveniently located for commuters and locals, whether you are a start-up or an established company, DeskLodge aims to be part of the future of working in the UK.

Things have changed, we no longer need our own desk, it’s been a hard slog but people are now used to the idea of coworking and moving about each day, they do not need to see the same faces, be in the same office eacj and every day,. We have adapted to the change and the opportunity technology has given us to completely change the way we work.


DeskLodge Bristol - 122 - 2256 ┬®

Collaborative and coworking spaces work really well for start-up companies who are hoping to grow and flourish their business. At Desklodge you have the opportunity to start small as a hotdesker and as your business expands you are given the option to move on into more permanent fixed desks and office spaces within the coworking space itself. We thrive on driving engagement and collaboration in our spaces, so we build communities by creating a great working environment, with a place to network, expand and recruit.

A coworking space offers you the chance to meet interesting people and network with other business including starts ups and established companies, sharing ideas and inspiring each other and helping your businesses grow, and make valuable new connections.            


We do things differently at Desklodge offering commitment free hot desking, very reasonable prices and simple billing & membership packages including pay-as-you- go, superfast free wifi, free coffee & tea, live bookable meeting rooms and a huge range of work spaces to suit your mood.

Another great reason to work at a coworking space is to get yourself out of your house, it can be so uninspiring to work from home every day, despite the home comforts. It’s great to leave the house and to feel you have achieved something by going out to work and meeting other people. The social side of working is so important as is a change in your environment.


Read more in part 2 of the series where we look at how the DeskLodge environment can benefit your work production, inspire you and make you happy!