Coworking newbie?

Jamie Ellis
January 21, 2018
Coworking newbie?

You’ve done your research, you kind of understand how coworking works and think it might be for you. But is it? Maybe you have suddenly had to consider a coworking space because of an unexpected reason? Will you have to commit to a contract? Do you have to book your seat in advance? What about wifi, is that extra?

These are the type of questions that run through a potential hot desker's mind before giving it a try.

DeskLodge takes all the fuss and worries out of hotdesking and coworking. Our laid-back approach and home from home spaces make you feel part of the family as soon as you arrive.


"I joined Desk Lodge around 6 weeks ago due to my organisation working remotely and feeling I needed to spend some time during the week in a more professional environment than home. The team here are great, they will go out of their way to assist you. The facilities and meeting rooms are fab and I have taken a great liking to the massage chair in the quiet space. I'd highly recommend Desk Lodge to anybody looking for a fixed desk space  or even somewhere to chill out and get creative one day a week." - Adam                                

You will be amazed by our quirky spaces and places, that you are free to roam and explore until you find your perfect working spot for the day, the only trouble you will have is deciding which amazing bit you want to call home for the day, no worries though, you can try out another fun spot on your next visit!

If you are unsure if DeskLodge is for you, no worries! We offer a two-day free trial to try us with no obligation to stay or sign up to any contract. If you are happy with our spaces (which we are sure you will be) you can then add payment details and use us pay as you go, it’s as simple as booking an Uber.

If you find you are using our spaces more regularly then you can sign up to one of our hot desking packages where you can save money and know you will always have a productive space available to you on a daily basis should you need it – unlike that coffee shop you’ve been working in, we also don’t have any of those distractions and you can just keep drinking our free coffee!

So that’s no contract, free wifi, a warm welcome, coffee and a relaxed and friendly vibe. What are you waiting for? We’ll see you very soon!

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