Company profile - All Interactive

Jamie Ellis
June 6, 2019
Company profile - All Interactive

Creative digital designers All Interactive have been regular hotdeskers at DeskLodge Basingstoke, as one of our longest standing DeskLodgers since we opened two years ago!


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With an impressive set of clients including the BBC, Channel 4 and Legoland, we caught up with the All Interactive founder James Goadby, to find out more about his business and how coworking at DeskLodge works for him.

What does your business do?

To provide digital design for companies, attractions, football clubs etc. Our aim is to use creativity to help improve fan and visitor engagement which increases ticket sales and put bums on seats.

How long have you been at DeskLodge?

Around 18 months, I think I have been here pretty much since it opened.

How do you use our space?

I am a hot desker usually. Due to what I do I don’t need a fixed office, and hot desking is much better for me as I love the flexibility of it.

Why did you choose DeskLodge and a co-working environment?

I came from a very corporate company before coming to DeskLodge, it was nice but very boring. I prefer DeskLodge as there is a good atmosphere and it is conducive to productivity. It is an inspiring workplace and a lot more comfortable in comparison to a generic office.

How does DeskLodge work for you and are there any successes?

Clients love the space and are impressed by all of the different rooms. DeskLodge has lots of good facilities and is in a great location. It is all round, a really enjoyable place to work. I am looking forward to meeting the new companies that are joining the DeskLodge Basingstoke site!