Combating loneliness in the workplace

Jamie Ellis
January 15, 2018
Combating loneliness in the workplace

Coworking is a great way to get you out of the home office or the cafes and into an environment where you can network and socialise with other coworkers. However just because you have made it to the coworking space many people still find it hard to socialise or even just start up a conversation with other people.

At DeskLodge Bristol we have considered how lonely working alone can be and have tried to add many open spaces where you can work alongside coworkers, prepare and eat food together with a chance to network and socialise. We also hold The DeskLodge Social on the last Thursday of every month, where DeskLodgers can let their hair down and have a well-deserved drink, a good laugh and meet different people that they don’t necessarily have in their own peer groups out of work and make strong bonds with them.


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We want to make our spaces a home from home, we want you to feel comfortable and at ease and most importantly welcome. As we said earlier many people still find it hard to start up conversations and perhaps feel like an outsider when in fact everyone, especially people who are not working in a team, feel the same way too, at first.

Here at DeskLodge we are very proud of how many of our DeskLodgers successfully interact, network and socialise with each other and how welcoming they are to DeskLodge newbies. Our hosts chat with people, introduce them to new people and make them feel at happy from the day they start. Some people do prefer to keep themselves to themselves and we respect everyone’s privacy, however, don’t presume they are doing this as they want to be left alone. It could be as easy as saying good morning or asking them how they are doing.

Simple gestures can make people feel less lonely in the workplace and at coworking spaces, it can also increase productivity, inspire you and give you a lovely warm feeling inside.



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