Christmas Party ideas if you work remotely

Jamie Ellis
December 3, 2021
Christmas Party ideas if you work remotely

So many of us work alone nowadays. You might be a heroic freelancer or solopreneur. Perhaps you’re part of a team, but work remotely. Whoever you are, for much of the time it’s just you, at home, on your lonesome. So when Christmas comes around, you’re faced with one of the great dilemmas ever to face humanity; do you have a Christmas party on your own or not?

Sure, you have a few options. You could book a table for one at Nando’s and have a delicious Christmas meal (on your own), a couple of drinks (on your own) and then a taxi home (on your own). At least you wouldn’t be cornered by someone in accounts, right? Or you could reach out to the rest of the team, but then you think they’re probably already having fun elsewhere, so you slope off to your home office with a Christmas hat, your fav tipple, and watch ‘Die Hard’ on your laptop. Bah humbug. Let’s face it, neither sounds amazing (although ‘Die Hard’ is an awesome movie…).

But don’t despair! Our DeskLodge workers and freelancers have got some words of wisdom about how to celebrate Christmas if you work solo or away from your team.

Drew Forsyth

“I link up with a few other freelancer mates of mine and have a few sherries. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!”

Rachel Mead

“I will be getting together with the team in the head office and celebrating Christmas by going for a meal after a productive team meeting to wrap up the year!”


Chris Lock

“I’m going to take some needed time to myself with my two fuzzy ferrets & enjoying cooking some good food”.


Of course, not everyone has ‘fuzzy ferrets’ to celebrate with. So, if you ever feel yourself at a loose end, pop into your nearest DeskLodge. We have loads of festive frivolities going on this Christmas – just hop on the website to find out the dates and details. It’s a lovely, warm feeling knowing that there will be people there, freelancers or remote workers, just like you.

You can stay for a chat, a nibble, or a drink (or two). And yes, you can wear your Christmas jumper and hang baubles from your ears if you want to, although it’s not obligatory. We want DeskLodge to be just like your family at Christmas, but hopefully without the arguments.

If you’re still looking for some remote party ideas and fun activities, then here’s our early Christmas present to you.

1.      REINDEER GAMES – Feed, train and race your own virtual reindeers. If they’re good enough they get to join Santa’s sleigh team. Huge fun!

2.      VIRTUAL COCKTAIL PARTY – Everyone loves cocktails, right? Hire a mixologist (or just do it yourself) and welcome a different kind of Christmas spirit.

3.      SECRET SANTA – You don’t have to be in the same building to take part in this Christmas classic. Elfster can take the tradition online

So there you go. You don’t need to be surrounded by people to get into the Christmas mood. Ho-ho-hope you have a great time!

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