Catching up with Team DeskLodge

Jamie Ellis
May 7, 2020
Catching up with Team DeskLodge

Catching up with our DeskLodge Team has never been so important to us! It has been such a strange time for everyone but also a time to reflect on what’s really important.

From stopping to take a proper lunch break to spending time with family or settling down with a good book, here’s what a few of our lovely team, from both furloughed and WFH members, have been up to.  


Sam  - DeskLodge House


Sam VT.png


I have spent the lockdown making music, reading books, and washing up. So much washing up. I can’t wait to see your faces back at DeskLodge!

Ruaridh – DeskLodge Old Market




Mollie – DeskLodge Basingstoke




Over lockdown my favourite thing to do has been walking my dog, Alfie. I don't like being inside for too long, so it’s been lovely being able to take him out for my daily exercise!

It has really helped keeping in touch with family and friends over video calls over lockdown. Even though we can't be in the same room, we've managed to be on a call together, which will do for now!


Justin – DeskLodge Old Market


Justin & Kid.png

Mel – DeskLodge House



When WFH it’s been more important than ever to separate my working day from my home life. I’m having breakfast more often and now have a cup of tea in the garden before I start work.

When it’s time to close the laptop I make myself have a shower to wash the day off and then go for a walk around the block with no phone. Focusing on just my breathing feels (and probably looks) weird when I’m stomping up my hilly street but it clears the mind and then I go back home as if I haven’t been there since the morning and my partner pretends he hasn’t seen me all day! This makes a massive difference and without doing it I don’t know where the working day starts or ends.

I have also regained my obsession with grilled buttery crumpets with Marmite, I’m acting like a pregnant mentalist .. AGAIN!

Sabrina  - Desklodge Old Market



Hollie – DeskLodge Basingstoke



I’ve been enjoying walking and challenging myself to run! There has been lots of baking as well as watching Netflix, Disney+ and reading.  

My most recent book called “Good Vibes Good Life”, I’m really enjoying it, it’s amazing! It’s really changed my outlook on life within days, I recommend it to anyone that’s feeling a bit low and needs a bit of encouragement at the moment. I really believe everyone should read it - it’s so, so good.

Other than that, I’ve been making time for myself and slowing down whilst I have time, allthough I’m really missing all my friends and family - wish I could give everyone a big cuddle!!


Sam – DeskLodge Old Market


Sam & Chick.png

Sam has just returned from his travels and has also raised over £600 for the NHS by Dyeing his moustache rainbow coloured! Find out more on this in our next blog post!


Carol – DeskLodge Basingstoke  




My husband is still working as normal being a Firefighter and my daughter, Anastasia is continuing with her Uni project in graphic design. I'm keeping busy cooking (exploring new dishes I've never had time to do), playing card games together, video calls with worldwide friends (thank god for facetime/zoom/houseparty!) but most of all I'm enjoying my daily walk in our beautiful local countryside!

Obviously, I’m missing Team DeskLodge and all our lovely Lodgers, friends and family, but overall I’m feeling very blessed!