Building a coworking space & a little on how our's works!

Jamie Ellis
June 15, 2018
Building a coworking space & a little on how our's works!

You start with a space and you look at it like a blank canvas, you know you need basic amenities kitchen areas, desks and chairs, but beyond this you consider what you want to achieve, and what spaces/experiences you want to add, from open plan coworking spaces, break out areas and offices, a few meeting rooms and phone booths perhaps? Then the creativity begins.

To keep things interesting, DeskLodge choose different themes for each new build, each nook and cranny gets a special quirk or a certain themed style from the Tardis quiet room (yes, it’s bigger on the inside) or the astro grass floor in our indoor garden spaces. We like to create exciting spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and tactile, to inspire your senses and in turn influence and encourage your productivity.

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At DeskLodge we like to think anything is possible. We have added no skype zones and quiet rooms and equally balanced this out with private, soundproofed phone booths. We have office spaces varying from 1 to 70 person spaces, we have even been known to remove and add new walls to accommodate our latest resident DeskLodgers needs.

One thing you need to know about a coworking space is that things can change, often! DeskLodge offers short-term licences, so there are always new DeskLodgers moving in and out which keeps things fun. We encourage and help companies expand and grow by offering them bigger or extra spaces. Many companies will outgrow our spaces and that’s Ok, we are happy to have been part of their journey and we then look forward to seeing who will replace them as our new DeskLodgers. Like Dr who we regenerate too!

At DeskLodge we listen to the view and opinions of our staff and DeskLodgers and strive to make DeskLodge the best coworking experience ever! We are always improving our tech from software to wifi as well as getting in the best coffee machines and adding soya milk to our shopping list for all our none dairy DeskLodgers.

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We want our spaces to be comfortable and fun, with lots of different seating and working options from regular desks, standing desks to garden benches for casual group meetings and comfy home from home sofas. The best thing about this is that you can move around as much as you like and sit in an area that suits you, your mood and what you are working on at that point.

One very important thing about building a coworking space isn’t just having the coffee machine near the reception, or the most expensive furniture, the most important thing is the team. We have worked really hard on having an awesome team to make it all happen. Having friendly and sociable staff on hand to help you out, keep you productive, make you laugh and even give you a shoulder to cry on is a really big thing for us. We are super friendly and love to hear your stories and what’s going on in our DeskLodgers lives. Of course, there needs to be a balance, we are there if you need us but not in your face, there is no hard sell on a tour and we are laid back and the complete opposite of corporate but still professional.

We are a family. We are DeskLodge.

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