A few stats on the benefits of coworking...

Jamie Ellis
May 10, 2019
A few stats on the benefits of coworking...

We have gathered a few interesting statistics from a selection of UK based coworking and serviced office sources based on how coworking can benefit you and the way you work. From social networks to well being and productivity boosting, coworking can help more than you would imagine.




Coworking helps you to meet new friends and acquaintances, with different faces joining each day there is always someone new to meet, plus you can choose to move around and sit where you like, which broadens your chances of meeting new people.

Even if you are in an office environment within a coworking space you can still meet new people in the breakout areas, at lunch and at the spaces social events.

A coworking space provides lots of chances to meet new people, much more than working alone from your home office, which is isn’t good for your productivity or wellbeing. Coworking gives you that much needed contact with other humans!



Being able to move around a space and change where you work from frequently can help stimulate your brain. At DeskLodge our colourful and fun spaces aren’t just there to look pretty, they are there to motivate you and make you happy, so when you get tired of one view just try another!

Seeing others enjoying their work can also motivate you to become more productive too.



Both motivation and socialising with others can help with your wellbeing. Having friendly people around you and comfortable working spaces gives you that home from home environment, where you are made to feel welcome. Sometimes a little bit of company was all you needed to get the creative juices flowing.



We have seen many collaborations happen throughout DeskLodge, whether its work related or out of work activities. You can meet unexpected people in unexpected places at DeskLodge and you didn’t even have to attend a networking event!

Grow your professional networks and maybe get your dream job or that big break, anything can happen.



Your fellow coworkers can help you out of a productivity rut, just starting up a conversation can make a world of difference. Laughter is a natural medicine and listening to a funny story can instantly change your mood.  Coworking environments are very friendly and positive places where people are happy to offer up support and advice; often sharing similar problems that they have encountered and how they have dealt with them.

Talking to others can stimulate your brain and make you feel inspired.  At DeskLodge we have a wide variety of coworkers, from many different backgrounds, you might find help from someone who is from a completely different line of work to you, who just might give you the best advise you ever had.

You wouldn’t get that in a regular office job or from working from home, would you?

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