5 Marketing tips to take your business to the next level

June 9, 2023
5 Marketing tips to take your business to the next level

If your business is going well, it’s all too easy to just cruise along. Because if it ain’t broken, why fix it, right? Thing is, there’s nothing stopping you from pushing down on the pedal, pressing the ‘Turbo Boost’ button, and zooming into unchartered territory. Here are five ways you can move into the next chapter of your business’ success story.

Start social media channels

Yup, it’s the biggie. Get yourself a presence on social platforms if you haven’t already. A bazillion (not a real number) people scroll away for hours every day, so it’s a great way of being seen and remembered. The trick is, choosing which platform to occupy. LinkedIn is more business-focused, for example, while Instagram and Pinterest are more lifestyle orientated. Think about where your customer base would most likely hang out, and think about how you want to get your message across. Blogs? Regular posts? Videos?

Visualise success and set a budget

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time? Go on, take a moment. Is it to move into a different market? Grow by 5%? Perhaps it’s something as simple as freshening up your office? Well, to get your business to that point you’ll need to set a budget - and stick to it. You’ll probably find the more realistic the goal, the more realistic the budget. Keeping plans achievable allows for a greater chance of success. Dreaming big is great – but don’t get carried away.

Is the world ready for what you’re selling?

So, you have a great idea for expanding your business. It might be a new service, or an incredible product.  You’ve thought about it for ages, and even asked your friends and your relatives. They all love it! It can’t fail. The one person you haven’t asked, however, is your customer  – and they’re a lot more important that your Auntie Joan. You need to scrutinize the market place to see if people want it, need it, or already have it. Market research determines just how viable your idea is.

Know your audience

Sounds obvious, but it’s so important to know your audience inside out. What makes them tick, what turns them off. You should live and breathe them. Create customer personas and write them down so it becomes ‘official’. Interacting on social media platforms and responding to feedback is also a great way get under the skin of the people who engage with your stuff. And if you’re not sure who they are and what they like, think about conducting a survey.

Stand out

It’s such a crowded market place for pretty much everything. Spend time pinpointing just what is unique about your offering. It could be that what you’re offering genuinely solves people’s problems (your USP). You do business a little differently. Your marketing is absolutely hilarious! Or perhaps it’s your colourful brand and customer service. Anything that makes you stand-out is focus on is absolute gold dust!