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Setting up your printer

Most printers are designed to work on your home wi-fi when it's just you and your family & friends using the network. Being in an office, there are many companies sharing the same network - so it works differently and more securely.

Please turn off wi-fi on your printer - to avoid interference. Having lots of wi-fi networks shouting makes the wi-fi slower for everyone.

If you are using Chocolate, access is controlled by your firewall/network.

If you are using our network ("Vanilla"), it will need to be wired to our vanilla network. This means cabling it into a floor port - and then getting us to make that floor port live (They are not live by default). We can then give your printer a special fixed IP address that you will be able to use.

Giving your printer the right network settings

We need to set your printer up with special settings that mean it can be seen by other devices - such as your laptops. In theory it can be seen by other DeskLodge users - but only if they know the right IP details.

Just email with details of the printer you've wired into our Vanilla network - and the best number to call you on.

To help us identify your printer on the network, any one of these will do:

The current IP address it has got from our network (which will start 10.x.x.x) - this is normally on the settings page they print

The wired network port in our rack that it is plugged into (You'll need help from team - as it's the network port not the floor port. And floor ports are not connected by default).

The name of the printer.

Installing your printer

After you've done this, you will not be able to find the printer - or you'd find every single laptop, mobile and printer on the network!

You'll need to install it via the IP address which we give to you.

This article may help :

Every printer is different to install - so we suggest you make a note of how to install your printer for future reference.

Advanced: IP Ranges

The IP ranges in our buildings are:

DeskLodge House:
DeskLodge Belvedere House:

Advanced: Having your own network at DeskLodge

We have fast Internet in our DeskLodges - designed to let you stay productive. We offer two options for teams / companies based in DeskLodge. We call them...

Vanilla - which just works and is used by most members.
Chocolate - for companies who need their own IP address and firewall

Whatever you choose, you can print, use wired - and get it working today...

Our Internet connection
Each building has a dedicated 1Gb fibre from Exponential-E. We generally get about 4ms latency on speed tests and very rarely go above 30% utilisation even at peaks.

Just use the instructions for using our wi-fi
We can give you wired connections on Vanilla inside your office
For your security, you will not be able to see other devices on the network - except printers set-up for you by us - see below

See our article here:

Wired will give you the fastest connectivity. Adaptors are available for any machines that do not have a network plug - see our help article on "making the most of your office" also under Technical.

To keep things simple for us, you and your users, we ask you to bring local switches for each bank of desks. Then you have just one cable to each bank of desks - and users can plug in and resolve any issues locally.

We want you to have the fastest possible network - which means avoiding interference. Lots of competing wi-fi networks results in them all trying to "speak at once" - such that very little data actually gets through!

You can use our wi-fi to connect to your private network via your firewall - exactly the same as if you were outside our building. Just speak to the person who manages your firewall.

If you are on Chocolate and really, really need your own wi-fi network:
You need to speak to us first please - especially if you want to do anything outside of these rules. In some buildings, our network will stop other wi-fi networks working.Please don't use 2.4GHz (There are very few channels available)Only use 5GHz channels 100 or 140Have it on the lowest power setting you can so it works inside your office (so you don't interfere with other members)

Your own fixed, public IPF or System administrators only - please speak to your IT team if that's not you! We give you a dedicated public IP for you to configure your own firewall. This is generally unrestricted unless you are a very heavy user (over 1TB / 24 hours). If you do large back-ups we simply ask that you do this out of hours. Please wire your machines inside your office - and use our wi-fi outside your office (exactly the same as when you are outside the building). This gives everyone the fastest possible connection. We'll give you a single connection to a firewall inside your office - we'll then give you "loopbacks" from near your firewall to your other banks of desks. Did this answer your question?

How do I get on the wi-fi?

Just go to "DeskLodge" - and use password "stayproductive"
This should be very fast. You can check it - you should get over 50MB

If not:
You may have an older wi-fi device - ideally you want a modern N or AC device. These are available as tiny USB devices for most laptops.
You may have moved across DeskLodge - but your device is still talking to the wi-fi further away. Try turning your wi-fi off & on again - this forces it to find the nearest wi-fi.
If the speed test says it's fast but it doesn't feel fast, it is possible the website you are looking at (or your device) is slow.

You can plug in to the wired network at many locations around DeskLodge (just ask reception if you're not sure where - or want to borrow a network cable). This is the fastest way - both the reaction times and the speed will be better than wi-fi. Not all computers have a connection for this - but USB & USB-C adaptors are available.