Air con and fresh air

We have air conditioning units throughout the building. These are serviced and maintained twice per annum and our F-gas register updated annually.

We also have fresh air supply units located within the building. These are serviced and the extraction grills cleaned 4 times per annum.

Risk Assessment

A general risk assessment is conducted annually and additional assessments are carried out for new building works.

First Aid

DeskLodge staff based at the location are first aid trained. First aid boxes are stock checked monthly and are located in the ground and third floor kitchens.


Health and safety signage is visually inspected and checked once per annum.


Hygiene bins are emptied and maintained 4-weekly by an external contractor.

Building alarm/security

We have an intruder alarm installed at DLH, with trigger points positioned throughout the building. The intruder alarm is set and active between 11pm-6am every night. The alarm is serviced once per annum.

Panic buttons are positioned behind the ground floor reception desk and this is monitored by an external security team.

We also have CCTV through the building. Footage is kept for 30 days.


Inspections have been carried out and passed. An assessment is always carried out before build works. Reports are available on request.

Can I book a car parking space for the day?

We do have some limited spaces at our sites. Contact the DeskLodge team at your location to enquire. View our location details here. (Joe link to location top level page plz)

What hours can I access the building?

Residents: DeskLodge House: 6am-11pm, Basingstoke: 24 hours.
Hotdeskers: DeskLodge House 8.30am-6pm, DeskLodge Basingstoke 8.30am-5pm.


Fixed wire inspections are carried out every 5 years. DeskLodge owned appliances are PAT tested every 18 months. Teams/members are responsible for the equipment they bring into the space.


Risk assessments have been completed and monthly testing by an external contractor takes place year round.


DLH is insured for products and public liability, this is renewed annually. Teams with there own equipment are required to have their own business and contents insurance.


LOLER inspections are completed twice per annum. General services are completed 6 times per annum.

Waste & recycling

Waste is collected throughout the week by an approved waste management contractor. Same applies for recycling and bins are located throughout the building. Waste transfer notes are supplied to us annually.

TV & Music

DLH has the relevant licences for music and TV in the communal spaces. Teams with private offices or dedicated desks are required to manage there licences if they wish to use these services in there space.


We have 12 routine visits per annum from an outside contractor to manage pest control.

Gas safety

The boiler in operation at DLH is serviced annually.

First aid

DLH staff are all first aid trained. First aid boxes are located on the ground and third floor kitchens under the sinks. Teams of 4+ are advised to have their own appointed first aider.


Fire risk assessments are carried out annually.

The building has smoke and heat points throughout and the fire panel is serviced twice per annum. On the sound of the alarm, members are required to leave safely to meet at the fire assembly point.

Evacuation drills happen 2 times per annum and are logged internally.

Fire extinguishers are serviced annually.

There is a weekly fire alarm test conducted, Wednesdays at 11am.

All DLH staff receive fire safety training. It is advisable for private offices to have their own fire marshal and teams of 4+ to have conducted there own fire risk assessment.

Can I get my business post delivered here?

You can indeed, you just need a Virtual Office membership. This is included if you’re a private office team.

When do I get billed?

Our recurring bill run goes out on the 1st of the month.

Emergency lighting

We have emergency lighting throughout the building. We complete monthly flick test checks and annual drain downs as required following the H&S guidelines.

Access Control

We use a software call NavIP to manage and monitor access to the building via access cards. The system and entry/exit points are visually inspected once per annum.

Access cards not used for 60days will be auto revoked. Lost card replacements may be chargeable.

Dry Risers

Dry riser inspections/maintenance happens 2 times per annum.

Can I bring my dog into DeskLodge?

This varies per location. Currently DeskLodge House resident members can bring a well behaved dog in. But please speak with the Workspace Manager first. Woof.

Do you provide printing facilities and how much does it cost?

Yes, we have a coloured printer on site, B&W costs 5p per sheet and colour costs 10p per sheet.

Can I cancel my hotdesking membership at any time?

Yes, memberships are on a monthly rolling contract. As long as you let us know before your renewal date we can cancel this for you.

Do you have bike storage?

Yes, at every DeskLodge bike storage will be available. Speak to you local DeskLodge team for details. (link to locations page)