Health & wellbeing

Reasons why you should start listening to podcasts today

We all like to be entertained, learn new things or just keep up to speed on topics that interest us. But how do you do it at the moment? Do you hop on The Google and sniff out relevant websites? Or perhaps you read industry updates or magazines? Maybe you find what you need on TV. There is another way, of course. More and more people are plugging in to podcasts for all their information and entertainment

Combating loneliness in the workplace

Coworking is a great way to get you out of the home office or the cafes and into an environment where you can network and socialise with other coworkers. However just because you have made it to the coworking space many people still find it hard to socialise or even just start up a conversation with other people.

Supporting stress at DeskLodge for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

It is Mental Health Awareness Week and The Mental Health Foundation have chosen stress as their main theme of focus for 2018. DeskLodge would like to help towards combating stress in the workplace and how working with other people, in a coworking space, can really help towards reducing stress.

The Work Life Balance

As we continue to grow and expand at DeskLodge, we would like to focus on how coworking and making small changes can help you to get the balance of work and home life right.

Let’s look out for each other.

It’s World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September. Since its beginnings in 2003, this incredible movement brings together organisations and communities from around the world to raise awareness about preventing suicides.

Top tips to deal with work-related stress

We all know that stress at work is bad for our health and wellbeing. From lowering our immune system to raising our blood pressure, it can affect us in so many ways, none of it good. So what can we do?